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About SISC-ISSF 2019

NJC will be co-hosting the 15th International Student Science Fair (ISSF) with the 7th Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC).


Bringing together the best minds of tomorrow, SISC-ISSF 2019 is designed to enable students to apply multiple lensing and multidisciplinary thinking to improve the human condition. Students gifted in the Sciences from across the globe come together for 5 days to communicate their research in various modes, collaborate in innovating well-designed solutions, and network with one another to establish and sustain partnerships that enable endeavour and enterprise


The objectives of SISC-ISSF 2019 are:

1. To provide participants with a platform to effectively communicate scientific knowledge and concepts to an international audience.

2. To provide participants, both students and Teachers, a platform to publish research in science and education in the ISSF Proceedings

3. To encourage the integration of knowledge and skills across the sciences through rigorous competition.

4. To develop in participants creative and critical thought that will lead to innovation and action for the local and global communities.

5. To encourage cross-cultural interaction and build lasting friendships between gifted science students as well as teachers.

6. To provide opportunities for science educators to engage in professional discourse and establish ties with their international counterparts.


SISC-ISSF 2019 also aims to build the capacities of our Science Educators through the teachers’ and principals’ programmes. These programmes enable the Science Educators to engage in professional discourse and, establish and develop ties with counterparts from other schools from around the world.


The theme for SISC-ISSF 2019 is Science for Society. Many facets of life have seen positive change as a result of creative integration and application of Science and Technology. The thinking frames and process skills honed while engaged in cross-discipline work are fundamental to problem identification and design of elegant solutions that ultimately enable a paradigm shift in how we live and function as a society. Future academic and industry jobs are envisaged to be dynamic, where the prerogative of a thriving society is to create rather than operationalise.


It is therefore crucial to equip ourselves with knowledge and skills to appreciate the Aesthetics in design, Build and Communicate solutions, that are requisite of the 4th Industrial Revolution so that we can serve and impact our community positively. SISC-ISSF 2019 is programatically designed to enable a platform for educators and students from across the globe to engage in deep conversation on the latest research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), collaborate in problem-identification and innovating well-designed solutions for a community using the design thinking process, and to network to establish sustained partnerships that create unique entrepreneurial opportunities.


The working language of the event is English.


The event will be held from 18th to 22nd March 2019 in Singapore.

About the SISC-ISSF 2019 Logo

The logo for SISC-ISSF 2019 aims to communicate the interconnectedness of the thinking process in Science and Design Thinking. This is represented through the way the components in the logo - the glowing light bulb, the human head, the heart as well as the budding leaves - are all connected by a single continuous line.

The light bulb was chosen as the central concept it is one of the most iconic inventions in the history of Science. Indeed, it is the perfect symbol of this year’s theme of “Science for Society”, as the lightbulb has benefitted and transformed the lives of people all around the world. The light bulb is shown to be lighted, representing the idea generation process and the moments associated with making breakthrough discoveries in Science.

The human head is incorporated into the design of the light bulb, representing the mind and thinking being at the core of science. There can be no innovation and discovery without the efforts of various men and women who have dedicated their lives to making the world a better place.  

At the centre of the design is the filament of the light bulb, drawn in the shape of a heart. The heart is in the centre of the mind, and highlights the message that the journey of science is not just about gaining information, knowledge and intelligence, but stems from having empathy for society. The success of a scientific innovation is only possible when one truly empathises with the people around them and seeks to benefit them.

Finally, the budding leaves around the heart represent the fresh new ideas coming from young minds, highlighting the potential that the youth of our society possess to ensure the continued growth of Science in the future. Furthermore, the leaves at the “heart” of the mind also represents the issue of sustainability, a pressing problem that many scientists are trying to solve right now.

All components of the design are connected using a single continuous line, suggesting that Science is a process that is very much rooted in the social and physical context that it is practiced in.