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Field Challenge 

1. Design thinking is a fundamental process that underpin how we transcend the status quo of the study of STEM. The second challenge in SISC-ISSF 2019 will be the Field Challenge, designed to elucidate participant’s problem identification and solution brainstorming skills.


2. In this challenge, participants in mixed groups will visit selected communities in Singapore to empathise and learn about the challenges faced by the local communities, before coming up with innovative solutions for the challenges.


3. To better prepare participants for the challenge, participants will be engaged in workshops and learning journeys on design thinking which will place participants in good stead for the Field Challenge.


4. The Field Challenge, like the Design & Build Challenge, will be released during SISC-ISSF 2019 itself, i.e. there is no preparation required on the part of the participants.


5. Experts in the field will be deployed to assist the participants where necessary.


6. The rubrics of assessment will also be made available during the challenge itself.