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General safety and well-being 

1. Travel insurance for the duration of stay in Singapore is strongly encouraged for all principal, teacher and student participants.


2. During SISC-ISSF, student and teacher participants would be staying at the National Junior College Boarding School, (NJCBS) (refer to "Contact Us" page for the Boarding School Location). Transportation from the nearest MRT station, Tan Kah Kee, takes about five minutes on bus and five minutes of walking time.

3. Singapore is a city with a hot and humid climate, please be reminded to check the weather forecast and bring appropriate clothing. It is recommended to bring thinner clothes, and one jacket for colder air-conditioned rooms. 

In the Boarding School

1. Each room in the Boarding School has facilities for two people, including 2 closets, 1 overhead fan, 2 study desks and 2 beds. Participants will be provided with a blanket and bed sheets for the duration of their stay. Toilets and shower rooms are shared communally by boarders on the same level. Please note that pillows and bolsters will not be provided for hygiene purposes. 

2. Self-service washing machines that charge money by ez-link card (the local transport fare card) are available at the common area of the first floor. Other shared facilities include the dining hall that can be used for discussion or study purposes and the games room with one piano inside. Free Wi-Fi is available only on the first level, passwords for the network will be informed during your stay. 

3. Participants should have their own adaptors for their personal electrical appliances if necessary. Please check whether the electric adaptor is suitable for use in Singapore.

Recommended Packing List

Dress Code

1. Formal attires or school uniforms are recommended for opening ceremony, research challenge and closing ceremony.

2.Dress code for welcome party and farewell party are as stated in the packing list. 

3.During other programs, you are advised to wear light clothes with comfortable shoes. Clothes should be suitable for temperatures around 25°C-32°C​.

4. Please be mindful that no revealing or tight clothes are allowed for modesty reasons. Shirts should not have vulgarities printed on them.

5. For outdoor activities, please ensure you are also protected with sunscreen.

6. 2 SISC-ISSF dri-fit T-shirts will also be provided during the event.